Monday, October 27, 2008

From The Horse's Mouth: Saturday, Oct. 25

The life of a canvasser is not elegant, or glamorous. We battle the elements everyday from rain, snow, sleet, land-mines of dog poop, slamming doors, extremely awkward situations, and above all the American public. Sometimes these interactions are a joy, they remind me of what I am out here freezing my ass off fighting for, other times I am not so lucky. I still remember meeting Frank in Parma, OH. His crotchety old wife answered the door and invited me in. Normally I don't enter people's houses, but I could see Frank in his recliner from the door and figured it was not to far to freedom if something went wrong. As I rounded the corner of Frank's large cushy chair I noticed he was lacking pants! The only thing between Frank’s naked midsection and me was a restless, yapping, little lapdog. In Frank's drunken state he wanted to go on and on about politics with me, but I politely kept our chat short and raced out the door as fast as I could. This is just one of the many glamorous interactions I experience every night.

- Megan - 25 - canvasser in Ohio

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