Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Awkward Waltz

Yesterday I went to lunch with my friend Lisa. We walked to this generic lunch spot that actually has good salads and lentil dishes that I get mostly every day. I held the door for her, and as I did, this short, rotund, black Time Warner Cable lady approached standing in the opposite direction. So there I am, standing there, holding the door for her as well. I was like "After you..." She replied "Oh no honey, you go in..." At that point, I was a little confused, just like when you get in someone's way on the street and do the awkward back and forth dance until you both decide on a separate side to let the other pass. So still I stood there, stupid wide grin on my face, holding the door. "Please, I insist..." The woman looked at me and said, "Listen handsome, I don't know what you're looking at, but you're the one who's eating..."

Turns out, she wasn't even going inside, she was just walking down the street, and I was actually blocking her path by holding the door open. Just trying to be polite!!!

- By PP. -

Monday, February 2, 2009

Tough Love from the Universe

As you can probably tell from my previous post I am searching for clues to unlocking my future. I have recently abandoned the notion that fate is a farce and coincidence is reality...my life is piloted by fate these days and applying some higher meaning to most events. Moving to one of the most expensive cities about four weeks ago with high hopes and finding absolutely no work has probably lead me to this frame of mind.
I woke the other day full of anxiety and despair about my dead end job hunts. Notions of being forced by this plummeting economy to move back to Cleveland filled my head. After about forty minutes of lying in bed paralyzed by these thoughts I got up, threw on my sneakers, and went for a run. It was a perfect 75-degree day full of sunshine, and I longed to stay outside until darkness. I hiked up a thickly forested park after my jog, and climbed the steep hill to the top. There were two firm shirtless men frozen in some yoga pose, little dogs aimlessly pooping everywhere, and a nice little clearing in the sun that beckoned me. I found a nice plot of grass and plopped down. I meditated there for quiet some time, breathing and clearing my frazzled head. As I began to come out of my detached state and let the world around me seep in the words 'dog walker' floated across my mind. Yes, of course! I should be a dog walker! The perfect job! I smiled with a sigh of relief at the helpful epiphany this meditation had brought me. I stood up and bent over to stretch my legs, and when I looked at the ground I had just been sitting on a healthy pile of brown crusty dog poop was staring back at me. Now, if that's not a sign, I don't know what is!