Wednesday, October 22, 2008

From The Horse's Mouth: Tuesday, Oct. 21

Walter's 85 year old body hobbled out of his house in Parma, OH, and cut me off immediatly when the word election left my lips by saying, "I don't pay attention to that stuff!"

Apparently he does though because when I asked him who he would vote for he said, "Oh, the colored guy...not that crooked guy who is just like George Bush."

Just to clearify I asked, "You mean McCain?"

He replied, "Yeah. And that lady from Canada...her hair looks like she got into a bar brawl."


  1. So good. I hope everyone votes for 'the colored guy'

    Visit me in NY!

  2. You packed girl! You got less then a week. and did you vote yet? you better do that before you leave IL!!!