Thursday, October 16, 2008

From The Horse's Mouth: Wednesday, Oct. 15

I marched up Alice’s driveway yesterday evening ready to enlighten her on Barack Obama's awesome policies. I bypassed the front door and headed for the open side door. Seeing as she was pushing 90 I knocked once and settled in to wait for her old tired bones to make it to the door. To my surprise a little head peaked around the corner almost immediately. She was a very frail thin woman wearing big googly old lady glasses and holding a tissue in front of her mouth and nose like a shield. She seamed hesitant so I attempted to lure her in with a smile, it worked and we began our political chat. Once I finished telling her all about Obama's economic plan and McCain's awful health care plan I couldn't help but ask if she were suffering from allergies on this warm, humid October night. She timidly replied no, and I could see tears welling up in her eyes as she shrank back into her big empty brick shell of a house. I apologized for prying, and inquired further. She admitted that today had been very difficult for her, and she was feeling depressed. Alice had called her doctor and she assured me they intended to prescribe something for her. She then explained from behind her tissue, "fall is always a very hard time for me because it brings back a lot of memories. You see I buried my daughter this time last year. I was not going to answer the door, but I thought you might be someone in my family." Heartbroken and void of words I apologized for bothering her and for her loss. Then, unable to turn away just yet, I reminded her that there is always tomorrow, I told her that sometimes laughter can be the best medicine, and asked her what her favorite show was. "Andy Griffith," she replied with a smile. I told her how this job gets really tough sometimes because people slam doors in my face and yell at me, and I think its ok to hide away in a sitcom every once in a while. I also promised her that tonight would be the best sunset of her life, and I encouraged her to come outside and enjoy the weather. She giggled and told me that the thin sliver of a moon was her favorite because it reminded her of a sleeping cat’s eye, I agreed and told her I liked it because it looked like the Cheshire Cat’s smile. I trust that she witnessed the sun and the moon last night, and in those vibrant pinks she felt closer to her daughter.

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