Monday, December 8, 2008

On a Train : April 2008

These train yards, houses, shacks, look uninhabitable. Like ancient burnt out relics. I would like to walk across this countryside of Bulgaria. Follow the stream to Romania. The solid green fields butting up against the pure blue sky brings me back to kindergarten. I see pages from a coloring book. Flat blocks of color. Trying to stay in the lines. At this rate we are never going to get to Bucharest! Stopping at every pile of bricks with men in overalls walking the tracks. It was an hour at our last stop due to train trouble...I think. I sat; legs stretched out, bare feet propped up by the open window, letting the stories roll in off the plains. I wish I knew more about Bulgaria, but based on its crumbling and bombed out state, I would guess its been through a lot.
The afternoon air fills my cabin as I swagger in and out of sleep.

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