Saturday, January 24, 2009

Obama Ave.

I am sure many of you are sick of Obama, and how Obama-saturated my updates tend to be, but this Obama story was too good not to report. As we all know, he was inaugurated into the White House on Tuesday. San Francisco was buzzing with joy, people were permitted to come into work late, and his voice seemed to linger in the air everywhere you went.
This story starts with a very long street that runs through the entire city of San Francisco called 'Bush Street'. Some very ambitious individuals decided to rename this street 'Obama Ave' on inauguration day. However, they did not take the traditional route of using spray-paint and defacing these street signs; they actually made stickers using the same font, color, and size of the original signs to make them appear legitimate. The only 'Bush Street' sign that survived was the one lingering at the end of the street that read, 'Bush Ends'.

Another quick Obama report comes from my friend, Mai. She came across a homeless man holding a sign that read, "I'm like Obama...I want change." Clever. I would have given him five dollars.

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